Sunday, July 3, 2011

Creating the Daishi Widowmaker

Of the Clan Omnimechs the Daishi has always been my favorite (followed closely by the Masakari), The name in Japanese meaning "Great Death". I'm a huge samurai fan so it's natural that I'm drawn to House Kurita. While The Daishi is a clan mech Jade Falcon and Kurita have a long history of conflict and at least one has been captured by the Combine to be studied and replicated.

The No-Daichi/No-Daishi is also a two handed great katana wielded by notably by Toshiro Mifune in the Seven Samurai and also the ronin Dairya in the legend of the five rings game. An imposing weapon used by indomitable men who answer to none.

One of my favorite variants is the widowmaker, decent ranged weaponry but truly fierce at close range due to the powerful ultra AC-20. Such an epic machine needs a fitting miniature so I started piecing the widowmaker modifications together. (pictured next to an unmodified version)

A few minor details are still needed before this heads to paint. Mold lines need to be removed and medium lasers will need to be added to the torso, but otherwise it's about 90% done. I'm planning to paint this a dessert camoflage pattern, and likely with DCMS marking as it will represent a captured Clan Falcon Daishi. 

I also converted a second Daishi, no particular build in mind I just thought the parts fit together well. MadcatII legs and weapon arms from a Blood Asp (I think)

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