Saturday, July 30, 2011

Dreamforge Leviathan Crusader

I'd pre-ordered a Crusader from Dreamforge a couple months back and it finally came in today! :D

It is a seriously impressive beast, the box doesn't seem all that huge but once it was opened I was like holy crap this is a seriously cool and complex model. It has me drooling but it's honestly a bit intimidating to see so many parts. At about 9.5 inches tall it's a huge model and comperable in size for Forge Worlds 40k warhound titan, but IMO a much better kit as it's more poseable has as much or more detail for a lower price than what a FW Titan would run. (pre-order price was $295)

It's not a cheap kit but it's totally worth the price given the complexity and detail of the piece. While many kits are just resin models, this one is made from Grade A Pure Win ;)

Casting quality is quite good, there's a couple oddly colored pinkish pieces which stick out since most all the parts are a light grey tone. It's not an issue as once primed the original part color doesn't matter. I know Mark was having some issues with the caster's lax quality control so those are probably pieces he personally cast in order to get the kits completed.

I spent all day downtown in Chicago playing battletech so I haven't tore into the kit too deeply yet, I took pics of the bags of parts but the battery died out on me before i could upload them, grah.

So in the meantime I'll post some of Mark's blog pics for reference and I'll get my own up as soon as the battery is recharged. The parts are pretty much exactly as shown on his blog, so it's definately a solid kit.

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