Saturday, July 2, 2011

Kickin It Old School With Battletech!

My love affair with Battletech started way back in 1986. Pooling a meager allowance and paper route money I eventually scraped together enough for a city tech box and I've been hooked on gaming ever since. Other games have come and gone but I've always gone back to Battletech as the system is so much more strategic and has a great balance to the system.

Inner Sphere vs Clan tech always has it's ups and downs but whenever I can I play old school 3025 as old tech just can't be beat. That's the game I cut my teeth on and while some things have been expanded and improved nothing beats stepping back and playing the game in it's original form. 25 years and the game is still king of the mech games, they did something right.

Keeping things oldschool has it's price however, with the break up FASA and Ral Partha the majority of old mechs are out of production and with Battletech's ressurgance of late the old models are hard to find and often go for a king's ransom on ebay.

I've salvaged what I can of my old collection but many of them have seen better days. As a kid I bought my minis to play, and to a 12 year old a shoe box was a perfectly acceptable storeage case for them. Nowdays I use padded cases and guard them carefully as though they were made of glass but the ancient mechs bear the scars of both love and abuse.

Those that aren't covered in dents and flat spots have been carefully cleaned in preparation of my 3025 rebuild project. Basically I've decided to either rebuild, recast, or re-aquire the entire 3025 line. The kid that's inside me still marvels at the casting process, my mechs were a symbol of sweat and toil as every one of them was earned and thus worth it's weight in gold to me. I now have the ability to reproduce any parts at whim, yet whenever I pull a new batch of parts out of the pot it still seems almost magical. Like a kid walking into Willy Wonkas factory I get a rush everytime and I almost don't even know where to sart.

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