Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Rifleman 2.0 (Rebuilding the Rifleman)

One of my all time favorite Battletech mechs is the Rifleman. Known as the Defender in the Macross series, or the Radar X in Robotech. As with many of the old school mechs from Battletech's first release the miniature was an exceptionally good sculpt considering the standards of the time and even holds up fairly well even 30 years later.

Sadly it's long been discontinued due to the FASA/Harmony Gold suit, and finding old models on ebay is always a pain. Typically the ones you do find are missing arms, which I largely blame on the poor connection joint at the shoulder. Those that do have arms are often severely bent or damaged. I've cleaned up some of my old models well enough to use for casts, which will allow me to repair several models that are missing parts as well as fill out an extra lance.

I've also been working on 3D models for the last several months and slowly building up my skills in order to make prinatable objects. I've had some successful results with some weapons and parts done for 28mm scaled models, so I decided to try my hand at a larger complete model. I started modelling up a Rifleman on Maya as it would not only allow me to print it out on the standard Battletech scale but also scale it up appropriate for N scale use as well without having to craft two completely seperate models.

I started the project about a month and a half ago, most of the work was done in the first two days. I got the arms and the torso hammered out quite quickly but then got sidelined with visiting family in CA and I just kept stalling on the model. I finally got the motivation going over the weekend and did the lower body. It's not 100% complete yet as there are still details on the rear of the model that need to be addressed. Total time is somewhere around 20 hours of work.

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