Saturday, October 29, 2011

N-Scale Robotech

It's been a while since my last update, in the meantime I've been scouring ebay and modelling forums like mad to fill out my growing Robotech armada. In truth I should be pulling the plug on any more buying as I now have mor ethan enoough models to cover just about any range of games I want, the exception of course being Zentraedi pods.

For the Macross forces I have destroids to field a 5 man uint sof each mech type, and 2 monsters.

As valkyries are readily available I have enough to field 2 6man squads and plenty of extra battroids and gerwalks, probably close to another two squads worth. The fighters are on the more pricey side for models so I aquired enough to do two flights of 6, it may be more than I needed but I wanted to make sure I had enough as I wasn't sure I'd be able to locate more later on.

I've put several battroids to the chop and modified their poses to keep them from looking so static, Skull Squadron is almost filled out.

I also picked up enough super valkyries and armored valkyries to fill out a 5 man squad of each. I doubt they will see use anytime soon as they are rather powerful units and I'd need a considerably larger Zentraedi force to offset them.

For the Zentraedi I've collected three officers pods, two of which are built the last I'm saving in case I decide to cast it. I'm just above 20 assorted pods, 12 soldier pods, 3 heavy missile, 3 light missile, & 3 scout pods. I also picked up a Quaedluun-Rae female power armor in 1/200 scale. They didn't have it available as a standard kit, but bandai mission 3 has a really nice gashapon toy that'll fit in perfectly.

I've been working on preparing one of the soldier pods for casting, it's a rather time consuming task as it needs to have all of the interior space filled in so that it's able to be molded under pressure without caving in. That requires ample amounts of epoxy sculpt and time. Since each part of the unassembled model is basically a half shell I fill in as much of the piece as possible then once that has set up I assemble it, going back to close up any gaps at the joints.

Several of the parts use a rotator joint or rotating pins on the original model which have required that I re-engineer a few minor areas on the model so they now feature a peg type assembly. I've easily sunk the better part of 10 hours into the void filling and clean up, but just about everything should be ready for molding and I'm very happy with the progress i've made on it.

I have also completed the final clean up on 7 of the zentreaedi pods, removing mold lines and lots of gap filling. All of the nichimo models feature a combination of snap fit and a screw assembly to hold them together. Given the age of most of these kits and the early 80's mold tech not every fits 100%, there was lots of minor warping on the parts so I went in and removed all the guiding pegs and then glued the models together so the parts would line up as best as possible. I still made use of the screws as they help hold the legs and torso together more tightly, while retaining the models poseability.

After scraping down mold lines I went in and filled all the screw holes with epoxy sculpt and also resculpted some of the leg detail on the hip pieces. Not incredibly difficult just time consuming. The squad is ready for paint, assuming that I can dig out the proper colors I should be starting the base layer of paint on them this week.

I picked up a bunch of 60mm bases from Proxie models, I had previously mounted the models on a 50mm privateer press style base but they felt a bit too cramped. Not so bad for the macross mecha but the Zentraedi looked crammed into place. The slightly larger base allows for a wider foot palcement which I think helps them avoid looking so static.

On top of that I've bashed together a basic rules set to use, nothing overly complex as I want the game to move smoothly. My only concern is that it may have too much dice rolling at current. I'm working on getting it all into a nice pdf with some graphics.

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