Tuesday, November 15, 2011

N-Scale Battletech Fan Sculpts

I thought I'd show these as they are pretty cool, they were done as Fan sculpts for players who like using the larger N-Scale games. Most of the stuff used for N-Scale is from Mechwarrior dark age and uses later period designs. I prefer the 3050 mechs and earlier 3025 mechs so I wanted to track a few of these down. The Thunderbolt and Hatamoto-Chi were done by Orkko-One and the Atlas was by Elfbait. I mounted them on 60mm bases from Proxie Models. http://proxiemodels.com/

Scale shot alongside their standard CBT scale versions.

The Hatamoto-Chi and Thunderbolt I did the casting work on, Orkko was in need of a caster and I wanted a couple mechs for myself so we worked out a trade. I had to use a slightly differant technique than what I use on the majority of my stuff and had to use a slower curing resin and run the stuff under vaccuum, before applying pressure.  I normally just use pressure by itself but these were a bit more tricky. I needed a few tweaks to the molds to get rid of the major bubbles points but after that they both came out really well.

The  Hatamoto-Chi was particuarly challenging as the armored skirt has so many differant angles and potential trap points. I'm very glad I did the mold work for the piece as I love the sculpt and it also gave me some more experience with complex shapes. Everytime I mold something new I pick up a few new tricks.

Here's a shot of it before it was primed.

At some point we'll tackle some more 3025 era mechs, a Kurita Dragon mech is currently in the works and possibly an Awesome after that. No clue on when they migh be done but there's no rush on it as I certainly don't want him to feel rushed and I already have a very full schedual with all the Robotech/Macross stuff.


  1. I have that Hatamoto-Chi and it turned out great. Fantastic work on the mold making!

  2. Thanks David, that means a lot. :) Your drawing was a huge influence on Orkko and I doing the piece as we both thought it was just killer.

  3. I am still trying to find the elfbait Atlas. Nice work on your models!!