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N-Scale Robotech Minis Game

This is a retro add, sometimes with all the cross posting on various forums and my blog I sometimes forget that I haven't posted something improtant. I realized that despite all the modelling commentary I hadn't actually posted here about my plans for making a table top game with these models. oops. So through the power of editing ::bam:: now hopefully things make more sense.

Robotech was what first drew me into the world of big giant robots, from there I transistioned to Battletech and onto various minis games. I used to watch the show back in the 80's when I was a kid and even Transformers and stuff like Gundam couldn't come close to touching the awesomeness of Robotech.

Now as an adult I cringe when I rewatch the show as there's a distinct god-awfulness to much of the story and the animation but compared to the stuff that was on at the time it was pure gold and the mech designs are still at the top of my list for all time favorites. (despite the horridness of the show)

I've gotten hooked on wanting to build larger N-Scale mech models, something that worked it's way into my brain as a result of cruising the battletech forums. While I was googling for info on various models I saw a pair of posts on the The Miniatures Page forum .

Somebody had rounded up a bunch of the 1/200 scale Robotech Models and run some games with them. That was like a huge explosion going off in my head and launched my current crazy modelling crusade.
I already had a few of the models and figured it'd make an awesome table project to use at next years Adepticon. I've spent the last three months scrounging around on ebay and looking for the remaining models I need, finding a few but more often and cursing a lot at the lack of their avilability.

All of these kits were originally mastered in 1983 so they are old as dirt, there's been a re-release of most of the kits in 2001 and again in 2007 but they are all out of print which has made finding them difficult. For as old as they are the quality is not bad and they look decidely better when painted. Some of the kits I had to do a double take on when I saw the pics on the game reports, the bare models can look decidely ugly at times but when painted they are infinately more appealing especially since it all pre-dates even 1st edition rouge trader 40k.

These are all going to need some work, they are a combination of snap together kits that also are held in place with small screws in the back of the torso. Later on I'll disassemble them and glue them so the gaps aren't so horrid.

The models are about 65-70mm tall so a crisis suit comes up to about arm pit level on them. I've mounted them all on 50mm bases.

Original model next to a CBT stinger for scale, the stock model has rather boring static pose:

I started cutting and reposing the models to give them a more dynamic look (still in progress)
These two will be for Max Sterling and Ben Dixon. A lot of the toys & models feature Max's veritech as the 1J version (2 head lasers), but for the majority of the series he flies a 1A model (1 head laser), although tweaked internally with the blue custom paint job it still has the 1A head so that what I decided to go with.

This is the skull squadron so far, it's missing VF-1J mechs for Rick Hunter and Miriya Sterling which are on the to do list after I finished the newest pair. It'll be used as a 5 man wing but I'll be doing a couple extra 1A bownie grunts for lower level games as skull squadron is jammed full of ace pilots which gets a bit unbalancing. 

Skull Squadron Fighters:

Skull Squadron Gerwalk/Guardians:

All of the various fighters and gerwalks have the apropriate heads which required some swaps between differant models as all of the fighters originally had 1J heads and the Gerwalks only had 1A heads. The battroid versions are lacking 1J heads which I'm grabbing from the armored valkyrie model and casting so that I'll have enough for the final two mechs. I suppose it's a bit more effort than I need but I want everything to look in line with the series.

Armored Valkryies:

I have each version of the super Valkyrie  fighter/gerwalk/battroid but it's currently unbuilt and I will be casting two extra copies of it so that I can run a squad of three for a high points game. Not a high priority at the moment as I'm planning on mostly basic level game play for the time being.


The Mac II Monster:   (he's frickin huge!)

Here's the assorted Zentraedi so far. I have an extra scout pod and officers pod that aren't pictured. Unfortunately this is only about 1/3rd of the required force size for a larger game and I've already spent months tracking down this handful of mechs, so I'll be having to cast a bunch of them.

For the most part I am finished with the model collecting, I have about a half dozen unassembled veritechs in case i want to do a second squad. I may still pick up another couple destroids if they pop up but i should have enough to cover most games.

I'm just about done modifying the rules set and once I get some art and graphics finished up I'll put everything into a nice PDF file for download. The next major phase is more reposing and then tons and tons of gap filling   :ugh:

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