Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Veritech Hands

I put the chop to one of my bandai gashapon figures, sacrificing it's hands for the greater good.
As both models are the same scale the hands are pretty much spot on in scale, they are probably slightly larger but only when you really sit and look at it, on the table I doubt anyone will care. The gun pod however is noticably larger.

The original gun pod is undersized, the new one is probably over sized, I think the ideal size is probably at a point about 50% between the two but I'm not sure if I feel anal enough to scratch build one unless it looks grossly out of place. Any thoughts?

This is probably the best scaled version of the GU-11 gun pod and what I'm aiming for

Earlier today I ordered up a set of Mission Set 1which has a two more options for the left hand, open and a clenched fist so that way I'll be able to add a bit of hand variety between models. Mission Set 3 which I took this one from only has one hand set shared on all 5 of it's models. (It also looks like it shares the same hands with Set 2)

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