Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Quick Paint Update

Small update but time consuming.

Started base coating the mechs, it seems like it's next to impossible to get the base layer of paint down on these plastics. The paint goes on nice and smooth and then 10-15 seconds later pulls back leaving exposed areas. It's moving around simular to how water beads up but in jagged patches instead of droplets.

I'd given them all a good wash in dishsoap, rinse, and air dried before starting them so they should be free of oils. I'm wondering if the age of the plastic might have something to do with it? I know the standard back then was for enamel paints (not acryllics) so maybe the plastic formula is differant and more oily?  I've tried paint straight from the pot and paint dilluted on the wet pallette and both are having the same effect, although moreso on the pallette.

Whatever it is has been driving me nuts, I've been getting coverage but it takes a lot of extra passes. I probably should have just spray painted these but about a month back when I went to spray prime my Hatamoto-Chi it got over done and flooded and I spent a good hour soaking and cleaning it before the spray paint set all the way. Total sticky mess and it had me freaked out about ruining these models as well, so I've been hand priming and painting them. 

These should be ok from here out, I'm leaving them over night before I add any further layers on as the paint rubs off kinda easy right now. Once I get the colors blocked out a bit better it's a simple matter of black lining and touch ups so I should be able to have these table ready with a couple hours work tomorrow.
(The one on the far left was white plastic where the right two are in dark grey so the whites and blue look cleaner despite the paint coverage being the same)

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  1. Everything is looking great.

    To prevent the paint pulling issue, you need to prime the model, either with a hand primer or spray can primer. If they are already primed, then the primer you are using has a sealant in it and you need to switch primers. I personally use Dupli-color sandable primer (found at auto parts stores)