Thursday, November 10, 2011

Regult w Paint


With the exception of priming one of my large scale battletech models I realized that it's been over a year since I've painted anything.  :eek:  I picked up some new paints as the old ones were getting a bit dried out and gummy. This has a long way to go before it's finished but I started blocking out the color and it's starting to look like something other than a boring white piece of plastic.

I'm not the worlds best painter and I'm going to have to do about 30 of these so I'm simply aiming for a good tabletop standard rather than anything flashy. It'll get a wash and maybe some basic highlights. I used a mix of GW and PP paints, the blue is GW enchanted blue, the P3 paints are frostbite which is an off white blue and thamar black.

I may lighten up the white a bit but I was aiming for an offwhite for a couple reasons, in the animations the white is almost always a milky off white color that reminds me of white out which is probably a result of how they paint the amination cells. It also has the benefit of letting me see what areas I've already covered. The plastic is a pretty stark white color so skull white wasn't showing and I couldn't tell how thick the paint was going on and where I'd already covered.

Anyways not much to look at just yet, but a small personal milestone as it's been ages since I touched a brush.

Also my buddy Seb took a crack at doing some cutom graphics for the PDF. I think these came out really killer and much better than the earlier greyscale versions I'd worked on.

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