Friday, February 10, 2012

It came from the 1980's...

I was digging around through some boxes in the garage which had a bunch of half built and ruined gundam kits. One of the boxes didn't seat quite right as there was way too much junk jammed in it. I popped the lid expecting to see a bunch of junk and just about wet my pants with happiness.

Inside were two seperate 1/48 Robotech Alpha Veritechs!

One half built, but with all the remaining parts on the sprue and one still bagged and 100% untouched, as though it travelled in a DeLorean time machine directly to me from 1984.

These things go for a mint on ebay nowdays, I was so happy I could almost cry.    :D

These were originally sold as Go Bot Leader-1 kits by Monogram but it's repackaged models from the Robotech Invid arc aka Mospeada. (they even have the robotech mars base markings for decals) They were very expensive kits at the time and had several die cast parts, working landing gears, rubber tires and were fully transformable. Not to mention they were 1/48 scale which was huge compaired to most other robotech kits which were either 1/100, or 1/200.

(somebody's stock pic)

Being that I was 10 at the time there was no way I could get one, but I drooled over it every time I went by the hobby shop. I had a couple of the smaller non-transformable versions which came in sets of 3 for about $5 back in the day. But they just weren't the same as I wanted the transformable big daddy.

6-7 years later when I was in high school I happened upon these two in a K mart  clearance bin for about $10 each when they'd been about $50-$60 originally. Their boxes had been smashed up pretty good but the insides were fine.

Later that summer my basement flooded when our sump pump burned out and everything downstairs was pretty much trashed with nasty black sewer water.

Apparently I'd cleaned the parts off but the boxes and instructions were ruined and no way to salvage them. The kits went into a box that's been apparently been ignored for the better part of 20 years until today.

The difficulty now is that I have a pair of extremely complex models, the partially assembled model only needs to have one arm and one leg built and there's still over sixty pieces in the box!

I think I can maybe figure it out by studying the built arm/leg, but I have no clue how I'm going to go about building the other one without instructions the internal transformation parts were pretty complicated.

I shot an email off to Revell/Monogram but no idea if they'll be able to help as the kit is 27 years old now.

(geez I feel old)


  1. wohoa. These are RARE oO Good old Mecha times.

  2. I still have my instructions. I could scan them and post them on DeviantArt...but it's going to have to wait for a few days. I've got very limited bandwidth and I'll be out of quota for the month very soon.

    Aoshima re-presses these every few years.

    Contact me c/o sbierce (at) hotmail (dot) com

  3. Sweet, thanks for the offer. I sent you an email if for any reason you didn't get it let me know on here. Getting a scan would be incredibly helpful.

    I got a reply from Revell and they no longer have the instructions on file :(

    I did a bit more digging on ebay and maybe these aren't quite as pricey as I'd estimated a few still in the box have gone for as little as $20, but a few have gone for well over $100. Odd.

    Still very happy to have found these as it gives me a great modelling project and was a total blast from the past.