Thursday, March 15, 2012

A thanks to the mech crew

While not a formal organization I've have a bunch of friends and forum friends chip in on different areas covering both the 1/200 scale models as well as the 1/285 scale stuff and I just wanted to say thank you for your help. I've mentioned stuff in little snips here and there but it's easy for it to get lost amongst the detail.

Seb - bang up job on the graphic images and helpful critique.
Zac - for a withering critical eye and no nonsense critique (as always).
Greg B- for inspiring a lot with his 1/200 scale project log on TMP.
Mark - for playing some test games.
Leif - for playing endless battletech games with me when we were growing up.
Jason - for helping answer my endless list of sculpting questions over the last two years.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fatboy Mecha

I decided to take a short break from the Macross stuff so I could work on something a bit more free form and off the top of my head. The macross mecha are of course great but ttediously recreating the detail is a bit dull. I've had several weapon designs done for quite a while and wanted a body to go with them so I started piecing one together.

Initially the body on this was really wide which is where the Fatboy name came from but I may need to rename it now that he's slimmed down. Fatboy is still pretty dang catchy so I'll have to make a beefed up version of this so the name doesn't go to waste.

This is scaled for N-Scale and should measure aproximately 60mm when finished.

Original Fatboy Torso:

The Updated Version:

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Leading Edge Aliens

After working on the kitbashed Alien I decided it was a bit too much work to repeat for 10-12 models. I was heavily considering picking up more of the Horroclix Aliens but they are a bit out of scale. Additionally they aren't particularly cheap, I managed to pick up a pair of boxes of the leading edge aliens off ebay. They each price out about the same as the clix models, so it's not any money saver but it matches the scale slightly better.

There's two sets of warriors for a total of 12 different models, I picked up one of each. As the game rarely has more than 4-5 Aliens on the table at a time I could probably have made do with just one set but I wanted both for completion. Set #1 is still in route, but Set #2 arrived today and they proved to be in great shape.

You can definitely tell their age by the detail of the sculpts, but I still feel they look great. Painted in the traditional glossy black much of the detail will be obscured anyway. I don't plan on getting any of the marines as I already have the Copplestone figures and the features of the old Colonial Marines leave a lot to be desired. The scale of the figures feels a lot closer than the clix figures did. I'm eager for set #1 to arrive as it'll complete my miniatures base for the reactor room scenario.

The 3D table will be a ways off and I'm itching to play a game ASAP so I downloaded the Gun Crawl pack from World Works It has a bunch of great board elements that I can mix with the files I downloaded from Board Game Geek. I'll be able to mix the various elements and make some pretty cool stuff.

The Gun Crawl pack has all sorts of extras that will make for a nice set for doing the med lab scenario as I'll be able to build pieces for the desks and computer stations.