Monday, April 23, 2012

Adepticon 2012

Over the last several days I've been running my demo events for Robotech which have been a blast but also extremely exhusting.

They've been in the evening and thurs and fri were completely tied up doing the prep work, so I didn't see much outside the demo area. Sat morning I went to the con for about two hours to wander around the main gaming hall and dealer area for a bit of me time. The Crystal brush event was underway and there are some seriously impressive entries.

The 70mm Mohawk Tribe Warrior is my personal favorite and the one I hope wins. The detail is just stunning and I can't stop gushing over how much I like it. Despite the weird lighting that is back lighting everything I was able to take some half decent pictures but, it's so much more mindblowing in person as the color transistion is just incredibly smooth. I also like the natural look of the piece which boldly stuck out in a mostly sci fi competition.

I'm not sure who painted it as the judging is done blind, but whoever did this nailed it out of the park IMO.

Not all the pieces are on display at the same time so there is probably stuff I missed, some of the artists are only able to attend for a single day. Additionally they are usually shuffling stuff around as they are taking photos so each time you swing by the case there's typically a few models that weren't there previously.
Here's another one I though was pretty killer. It's in 70mm scale as well.

Between my demo games and convention stuff I took several hunder pics, it'd take me forever to upload them to my blog so I've set them in two seperate photobucket galleries.

Now if you've ever wondered what 1,500 gamers in one room looks like it's pretty overwhelming and it took me 4 seperate shots to pan the room from the front enterance. The low ball estimate was 1,800 people signed up for events, however there's likely far more people actually attending. To come in and browse or buy things at the dealer hall doesn't require a badge. My badge was 2600 something so it's likely there were the better part of 3,000 people attending this year.

One of the unique aspects of Adepticon is that in order to play in the events you need to have you army painted. It's a bit daunting and I've yet to actually play due to it, however when you attend it's very easy to see why. It's a visually stunning event to see so many painted armies on table in one place and it always gets me charged to finish my own stuff. I just paint horribly slow, so a whole army is massive undertaking for me. I've made a pledge that this is the year I finish up my Tau army so that I can play them at the 2013 Con.

The Mayan Doomsday calandar of course says the world will end in Dec this year, which is right about the time I'd be finishing up my army, so maybe they are on to something ;)  It'll surely be a sign that the world is ending if I had a painted army.

What adds to the visual feast is the stunning amount of terrain they have. I've seen individual tables at other conventions that are a bit higher in quality. However Adepticon has 400 tables all of which have an excellent standard as these pics illustrate.

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