Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pro-Painted Robotech

A couple weeks back I sent some casts to Maz aka Winterdyne in order to get some pieces done for display. The stuff I do is fine for demos but I wanted something that really caught people's attention and that meant going to sombody with a bit more skill.

Last week he sent pictures of the Tomahawk, which in the pre-Adepticon rush I forgot to post here. Earlier today he sent me pics of the Regult along with a few touch ups to the Tomahawk. I particuarly like the shin as it's a subtle nod to Battletech, both have so much shared history in the gaming realm that I felt it's very fitting even if it's not Robotech canon.

If you want to check out more of his great work Winterdyne's studio is here: http://blog.winterdyne.co.uk/
Needless to say he has my approval and I totally love the work so far.


  1. Man, these are masterfully realized! (love the new blog header too)

  2. Actually the bat leg art is straight from the Macross art for the cover of the tomahawk model kit. The same image was used for both the 1/72 IMAI kit and also the 1/200 Nichimo version. Tweaks made were to bring it closer to that art - removing the UN Spacy / RDF logo from the right leg and putting it on the left in white on red, rather than red on white. I didn't quite have the cojones to freehand 'UN SPACY' on the gun barrels though.

  3. Hey Dave, I just wanted to let you know that the mech you did the concept art for is still going to get done at some point. It's just been crazy busy with the Robotech stuff.

    I appreciate the comments :)

    Maz, I didn't realize it was from the maross art I'll have ot take a closer look at one of the boxes. I've found a couple of websites that do custom decals and thinking abotu having some done for the gun barrels as the valkyries also have it for the gun pods.

  4. Problem with the gunpods is the decal needs to be white or yellow. Means screen printing for mass production, which isn't cheap. At this scale I personally wouldn't bother until things take off.

  5. Beautifully done.. loving all the small touches of wear and tear. Really bringing out the details of the models too.