Thursday, April 26, 2012


Something not mech related but was just plain cool and I wanted to share. Zombicide is up on kickstater raising some funds to get printed in a larger volume.

They've already crushed their inital funding goal and for good reason, this game is smoking hot. I watched a demo for it at Adepticon and it is a total blast. They also had some of the minis on display at the booth and having seen them in person they are every bit the quality that is shown on their page. Definately some of the best plastics that I've seen to date.

One of the really cool things is that there are a lot of individual/unique zombies in the mix so you don't just get a bundle of repeat zombies, from what I saw almost every zombie is unique which give sthe minis a lot of character. Several of the leader zombies are simular to those found in left for dead video game, the fatty, the runner, the witch, the brute.

Then many of the hereos are "not" versions of some of favoirite film characters. The government defense conrtactor doubles for Micheal Douglas in falling down, the guy with the shotgun given the right blue shirt will easily double as Bruce Campbell aka Ash from army of darkness. The promos bring us a "not" version of Bruce Willis and Danny Trejo.

Game play was quite smooth and it was a lot of fun to play, the board is modular so it can be varied for repeat play and I imagine they are already planning expansions.

At the time of writing this there's 9 days left to pledge on kickstarter and if you pledge there' some cool extras to be had. When I talked with the guys from cool mini they said we'd likely see the stuff late Aug to early Sept but there's no hard release date just yet. I've dropped in a pledge and can't wait to see the game in hand.

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