Friday, June 29, 2012

New 3D

I spent tuesday afternoon assembling a group of Battletech N scales which got me charged up to get working on some models again.

Yesterday evening I started putting together a new mech torso as I wasn't entirely happy with the previous version. Something wasn't sitting quite right with it and I wanted move away from the sporty look so that it'd give the model frame a bit more weight.

The new design has some obvious influences from gundam and a little bit from front mission.

This will form the upper torso, the hips and should pads will be seperate parts so that kit can be posed. It still needs a bunch of work on the venting and have panel lines added but it gives a good ida of what I'm aiming for.

No real sketches or anything just making it up in my head as I go. The rear will have a number of small jump jets and later on I plan on doing a booster pack with G tanks that'd bolt onto it's back simular to some of the gundam deep space packs.

It'll be done both in 1/285th scale and also in 1/200 scale, probably around 70mm for the N scale version.

Today I also started messing around with a Mospeada cyclone model. I have the basic legs roughed out I'll fine tune the parts and proportions after I get the body pieced together. I'm planning on doing it in 1/48 scale so roughly about 36mm.

So far I've been working from an old animation book, I need to dig up some additional reference pics as the line art is kinda hard to work from at times.

Edit: Burned a few more hours tonight, here's the updated model.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


The previews for this game have me drooling. The imagry looks great and the sound is unbelieveable.

E3 preview footage

Game play footage

Monday, June 18, 2012

Macross Factory Re-issue

For the 30th anniversary of Macross Bandai is reissuing the 1:100 Macross Factory.

As a kid it was always my Holy Grail, never did get one, but I spent almost weekly trips drooling over the copy the had on display at the hobby shop.

They also have a smaller 1:170 scale version but I've always wanted to get the larger scale as it has extras the small version doesn't (the crew). The smaller version was sold under the Robotech Defenders branding by Revell.

The 1:100 factory comes with an Armored Valkyrie and a Tomahawk, so right there it's worth the price alone. It also comes with a bunch of support vehicles and support/ground crew. It's priced at $69 on Hobby Link Japan so it's a steal for anyone looking for the pair of mecha let alone the hanger detail and engineering cranes.

This looks like it'll be a great summer project and a chance to finally pick up that holy grail.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Robotech Miniatures cancelled - Going back to 1/200 Scale

Gave it my best but it looks like the Robotech miniatures aren't going to fly.

I guess it's back to working on the 1/200 scale stuff for fan games. I already have a full range of the Nichimo models so all I have to do now is finish painting them and get some terrain together.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

All my memories are in HD

As I've gotten older and looked back on things that I enjoyed as a kid I've had the bittersweet realization that they benefit heavily from the haze of time making them seem so much cooler and detailed than what they really were. Anyone who's gone back and watched Robotech or GI Joe as an adult probably has asked themself was it really this dated looking?

The animation is scratchy, there's often lots of film grain and rough spots, but the reality with these shows is that they weren't made with a very high production budget even back then and they don't look any better after 30 years. But Bandai video has finally released a Blu Ray version of Macross that does justice to how cool I remember the show being in my head.

Blu Ray Opening Scene

VS old Macross Movie version

Screenshots of the cleaned up animation

This isn't the most recent of news as the release has been around for several months but being a simple white boy living in the US who doesn't speak japanese I'm a bit slow on keeping up with all the Utaku/fanboy updates. It's available only in Japan but it's region free (it can be picked up on Amazon Japan). It's in Japanese language only with no subtitles... but who needs subtitles for MECHA ACTION!  Besides we all know the story anyways Minmei sings, Lisa cries, mecha fight and shit blows up.

The downside is that when in Japan they charge by the pixel when you are getting anything in Blu Ray and the boxed set sets you back between $400-$600 depending on if you get the standard set or the limited edition one. One nice thing though is that it includes discs for Do You Remember Love?  (DYRL) and an extra 100 minutes of special footage all of which has gone through the same amazing upgrade to Blu Ray format. The limited edition also comes with several reprints the Perfect Memory animation reference books.

It also includes video footage for a game by Pachinko that from what I understand is supposedly compatible with japanese PS2 system (wtf?) but I'm not 100% sure on that so don't rely on me for that info. No idea why on earth they'd do it as PS2 format being that those systems have been dead for 7 years and counting.

Clips of additional Bonus Material

Who ever thought a 30 year old cartoon would look so good? With the price tag sadly it'll be a pipe dream for a while and I'll have to make due with You Tube footage. But damn does it look sexy.

Now if only I could somehow scrub my eye balls clean from the horror of recently re-watching the Kung Fu series, so many fond memories forever destroyed... somehow I suspect there's no amount of HD filtering that can repair that part of my childhood. Sigh, at least I'll always have Macross/Robotech.

This is totally unrelated to the boxed set but if you want a good laugh at some super deformed stuff I also found this.