Monday, June 18, 2012

Macross Factory Re-issue

For the 30th anniversary of Macross Bandai is reissuing the 1:100 Macross Factory.

As a kid it was always my Holy Grail, never did get one, but I spent almost weekly trips drooling over the copy the had on display at the hobby shop.

They also have a smaller 1:170 scale version but I've always wanted to get the larger scale as it has extras the small version doesn't (the crew). The smaller version was sold under the Robotech Defenders branding by Revell.

The 1:100 factory comes with an Armored Valkyrie and a Tomahawk, so right there it's worth the price alone. It also comes with a bunch of support vehicles and support/ground crew. It's priced at $69 on Hobby Link Japan so it's a steal for anyone looking for the pair of mecha let alone the hanger detail and engineering cranes.

This looks like it'll be a great summer project and a chance to finally pick up that holy grail.


  1. In my early teens one of my greatest days was discovering shelf full of Macross/Orguss/Dougram/Robotech models at a clearance store. I got four of these factory kits for $9.99 each, as well as quite a few other Robotech branded imports for between 2.99-5.99. They also had stacks of imported kits from Macross/Orguss/Southern Cross/Mospeada/Dorvack/Yamato/Votoms and more that I can't remember all for $.99 each. It was like finding buried treasure or the Holy Grail.

    I made a good case to my mom and we bought out their entire inventory. I was even able to pay her back and make a bit of profit selling some of the duplicates to the local Comic Store that also dealt in anime stuff. I always did want the artwork of the Original Macross Factory box, I may have to buy it again.

  2. Thanks for the heads-up on the Macross Factory re-issue.