Friday, June 29, 2012

New 3D

I spent tuesday afternoon assembling a group of Battletech N scales which got me charged up to get working on some models again.

Yesterday evening I started putting together a new mech torso as I wasn't entirely happy with the previous version. Something wasn't sitting quite right with it and I wanted move away from the sporty look so that it'd give the model frame a bit more weight.

The new design has some obvious influences from gundam and a little bit from front mission.

This will form the upper torso, the hips and should pads will be seperate parts so that kit can be posed. It still needs a bunch of work on the venting and have panel lines added but it gives a good ida of what I'm aiming for.

No real sketches or anything just making it up in my head as I go. The rear will have a number of small jump jets and later on I plan on doing a booster pack with G tanks that'd bolt onto it's back simular to some of the gundam deep space packs.

It'll be done both in 1/285th scale and also in 1/200 scale, probably around 70mm for the N scale version.

Today I also started messing around with a Mospeada cyclone model. I have the basic legs roughed out I'll fine tune the parts and proportions after I get the body pieced together. I'm planning on doing it in 1/48 scale so roughly about 36mm.

So far I've been working from an old animation book, I need to dig up some additional reference pics as the line art is kinda hard to work from at times.

Edit: Burned a few more hours tonight, here's the updated model.

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