Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Starship Troopers wtf?

I'll admit I love the original Starship Troopers movie for all it's grade B glory. I also sat through 2&3 which were horrid and totally fell flat in being a delightfully bad movie, they were just plain bad.

A long while back I saw the early trailer for the new animated movie and was somewhat intrigued, at first I thought it was for Halo as they deliberately avoided showing the helmet until the last frames. I figured I see it simply due to the animation.

Today I saw this and it had me scratching my head, unlike the early teaser the animation quality just isn't there and why use the old crew? The original was good for some laughs but I just don't see how this will even come close to making the bar as a delightfully bad movie, it just look horrid which is a shame. The animation has areas that look amazing but there's some areas in the preview that look like they are game footage from a playstation rather than a proper CG film.

Another upcoming movie that I don't get is why remake total recall? The worst part is that it looks to be a complete remake rather than just a continuation, why reshoot the movie almost frame for frame when the original nails it right to begin with?

I'm all for seeing Jessica Biel onscreen in any movie so that's a redeeming value I guess, but wtf?
Colin Farrel? Double wtf?

I hear there are also plans to remake the original Robocop, I'm sorry but somebody should be shot for that one. I could sit though another horrid sequel , a remake hell no. Do what you want with crappy sequals leave the original movie alone.

Now things are not all bleak and dispair. The new Dark Knight movie is about two weeks out which I'm dying to see as the other two were stellar.

Then the nugget that has me super excited is The Man With the Iron Fists, Wu Tang five deadly venoms style Kung-Fu by Tarantino. While I may love robots, samurai and kung-fu movies are my lifeblood and why I spent 12 years doing martial arts. This preview is total kung-fu nerd chubby material.

Kill Bill was like an all you can eat buffet of juicy samurai tribute with salad bar kung-fu dressing. Man with the Iron Fist is full on Wu Tang tribute which I know won't disappoint. While the deadly venoms have been around for ages much like with Kill Bill I know he will deliver with his own flair and reimaging, so while it's covered ground it'll still be fresh and new. Man I cannot wait to see this.

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