Monday, January 7, 2013

Infinity Cutter - Rough Paint

I started roughing out the color patterns on the Cutter. I removed the arms because they were constantly getting in the way. Given the complexity of the model I probably should have removed the rear fins as well. I went with a 3 tone grey scheme that'll have some glowing blue bits poking out in the various armor recesses.

The models is a bit more flat in color than what shows in these pictures, my camera is very sensitive to any glare and I tend to get light pools even when the paint is flat. Colors used are P3: Greatcoat Grey, GW: Chaos Black, Dawnstone, Administratum Grey and Icy Blue. I use a wet pallette to help keep the paints a thinner consistancy.

I'm aiming for a good tabletop standard, although the blacklining is probably on the heavy side. I'm not the best of painters but I try and push my abilities a little bit each time I do a model. It took me about 4 hours to get this far as I was experimenting wih the scheme and taking my time on the black lining.

Only half the model has paint the side not shown is basically all primer as I have a weird habit of painting one half of the model at a time (and working that half all from one perspective).

Once I get everything done I'll likely need to hit it with a layer of dullcoat. I do want the stomach and musculature to have a glossy plastic or nylon appearance. It reminds me of braind synthetic rope and it think it'd make for an interesting look. So that part I'll touch up by hand with gloss at the very end.

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