Monday, January 7, 2013

To Infinity And Beyond!

I suppose that's probably one of the most overused tags for people starting out on Infinity, but it's such a great Toy Story line and it's impossible to resist. Anyways that summerises one of my new gaming projects for the year and I've also decided to give the blog a slight visual overhaul in honor of Infinity.

I recieved some cash for Christmas and I picked up the Rulebook and a couple Pan Oceania minatures. I've been eyeing Infinity for quite a while but have held off due to a lack of local players and game store having difficulty keeping it in stock. Miniature Market is now carrying the line so I decided to take the plunge.

The detail level on the models is simply amazing. It does however come at a price during assembly, some of the parts are very tiny and difficult to work with but well worth the effort once they are assembled.

Of course being the modelling addict I am I can't leave any army stock and I decided to swap out the head on my Armored Cavarly model. The stock head I felt was a bit too long and wasp-ish. I duplicated the cutter head in resin carved off the excess and drilled a mounting hole with my dremmel.

(I lowered the head slightly more after taking these pics)

After a good cleaning with soap water I gave the two TAG units a layer of primer. Nowdays I typically prime stuff by hand. I almost always flood the detail if I try and use spray paint, I own a cheap airbrush but it's a bit difficult to work wth and the control isn't very good. At some point I'll upgrade to a better brush but for now I just use a watered down paint to prime with by hand.

I went over these models with two thin layers and they are now ready for roughing out the base colors.

I'll need to pick up a few more light infantry models in order to make a playable force but these will keep me busy for a bit while I chew my way through the game rules.

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