Monday, July 29, 2013

Neo-Bloc Goshawk Print

I checked my mail about 20 minutes ago and skipped all the way back to my house I was so happy.

While I love posting up new art this is by far my favorite type of Monday update as I have a brand new print to show off. I quickly pressed stuff together with sticky-tac for the photos.

(I had to repose him several times as the heat from the shop lamp makes the sticky-tac lose its grip pretty quickly). This is the raw master a couple panels and the cockpit window will need a very light touch of sanding but everything came out great. I can't wait to get him molded and have some resin casts on hand.

The variant parts are being sent in for printing this week and if all goes well I'll have everything ready for pre-order within two weeks.


  1. Love it! Now my raptors have someone to fight.
    Keep up the momentum. My bro and I were just thinking of all the cool conversions/detailing we could do with these. Cant wait to order one! Or three! :)