Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Nor-Am Raptor Resin Casts

The master model for the Raptor came out beautifully. Below are some pictures of the resin casts that were made. The initial 50 copies that were placed up for pre-order sold very quickly and all were shipped out by July 5th. I do have the standard production run models available now on

This first picture is the master model which is why it's in a slightly darker grey. The model shown on it's base is a 15mm dollie to help show how it compares to 15mm scale miniatures.

It also works very well with 10mm figures like Drop Zone Commander. Both HO and N-Scale terrain works well with them, although I prefer the N-Scale as the mecha appear larger and its also less expensive.

Resin Casts


Some Scale shots shown next to a CBT Warhammer model
& Reaper CAV model.

Shown next to a Drop Zone Commander card stock building.


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