Saturday, February 8, 2014

NorAm Lynx Medium Mecha & recent happenings

I just finished up the NorAm Lynx and it's currently at the printer. Stuff has been a bit hectic so I forgot to post the news about the pre-orders on here. All the slots have been filled but it'll be available for general purchase shortly.

The render style is a bit different then my previous models as I've updated to a more recent version of Maya and it has a much better rendering engine.

A couple big changes, I've shut down the Paulson Games website and moved all of the Mecha Front stuff to as it deserved it's own dedicated site. I re-enrolled in school in effort to pursue a degree in 3d animation and I don't have the time or interest to continue producing the Paulson Games line of parts while I'm taking classes.

But fear not, I've worked out a deal with one of my friends who will be taking over all the production and making them available through his own website. Steve is a great guy and I know he'll do a bang up job on maintaining the quality of the casting and customer service.

While I've closed down the Paulson Games site I will continue to work on the Mecha Front site, rules and models. I've wanted to shift my focus exclusively on doing complete models for a while and the start of the new year was an excellent time for that.

I just uploaded the most current version of the playtest rules to the website, lots of new toys to check out. Alternate ammo rules, new weapons, infantry and some combined forces vehicles. Give them a look and let me know what you think as I'm interested to hear your feedback.

The Lynx should come in sometime in the next two weeks and I expect to have new pictures to share shortly.