Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Neo-Bloc Goshawk Beta

Pictures of the completed Goshawk Beta model. Armed with a railgun, missiles, and an advanced sensor upgrade.


NorAm Raptor Beta

Pictures of the completed Raptor Beta model which is armed with a set of autocannons in a linked quad configuration.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

NorAm Raptor Gamma

The parts for the variant mechs arrived and I'm in the process of molding everything. I completed the Gamma version of the Raptor so here's the pictures. I should have the other models done shortly and I'll post pics as soon as they are done.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Neo-Bloc Tiger

Color art for the Neo-Bloc Tiger Quad Mecha

New mecha available for pre-order

The 3d for the Raptor and Goshawk models are finished and I'm accepting pre-orders for the resin casts which will ship by the end of August. Here's a couple of the renders to show their load-outs I'll update with shots of the casts once I get everything together.

They are available at www.MechaFront.com


Monday, July 29, 2013

Neo-Bloc Goshawk Print

I checked my mail about 20 minutes ago and skipped all the way back to my house I was so happy.

While I love posting up new art this is by far my favorite type of Monday update as I have a brand new print to show off. I quickly pressed stuff together with sticky-tac for the photos.

(I had to repose him several times as the heat from the shop lamp makes the sticky-tac lose its grip pretty quickly). This is the raw master a couple panels and the cockpit window will need a very light touch of sanding but everything came out great. I can't wait to get him molded and have some resin casts on hand.

The variant parts are being sent in for printing this week and if all goes well I'll have everything ready for pre-order within two weeks.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Neo-Bloc Goshawk Beta

I worked up an alternate load out for the Goshawk which features a pair of railguns.

I expect the test print of the earlier Alpha model to arrive later this week and provide it comes out as expected I'll have this one submitted very shortly for printing as well. This deviates from the stat cards that were previously used for the game so I'll be updating the cards to represent the actual model load outs for the variants.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Neo-Bloc Goshawk

For those of you that follow my Facebook page you know I've been at work on a new Mecha Front model. I just finished the Neo-Bloc Goshawk mech up this morning and it's been emailed to the printer for quoting.

I've also set up a new site at www.mechafront.com which will be the homepage for the game. At the moment its a bit threadbare but I'll be adding more content as I can.

Here's a couple shots of the renders.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mecha Front Colored Pieces

Here's a bunch of the finished eye candy that's been assembled Mecha Front.

                                               Blackfrost Medium:

Neo-Bloc Goshawk:
Neo-Bloc Osprey:
Neo-Bloc Black Wolf:
Nor-Am Raptor: 
Nor-Am Lynx:


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Nor-Am Raptor Resin Casts

The master model for the Raptor came out beautifully. Below are some pictures of the resin casts that were made. The initial 50 copies that were placed up for pre-order sold very quickly and all were shipped out by July 5th. I do have the standard production run models available now on www.mechafront.com

This first picture is the master model which is why it's in a slightly darker grey. The model shown on it's base is a 15mm dollie to help show how it compares to 15mm scale miniatures.

It also works very well with 10mm figures like Drop Zone Commander. Both HO and N-Scale terrain works well with them, although I prefer the N-Scale as the mecha appear larger and its also less expensive.

Resin Casts


Some Scale shots shown next to a CBT Warhammer model
& Reaper CAV model.

Shown next to a Drop Zone Commander card stock building.


Monday, April 8, 2013

Mecha Front - NorAm Quad (colored art)

I'd tossed out pieces of this artwork as part of a puzzle game on some gaming forums. Now that everyone has had time to fiddle with it here's the full art. Anthony did a bang up job on the piece and I'm absoultely in love with it. Each mech for the game will likewise recieve a simular treatment for their art and unit entry in the rulesbook.

Seb had previously helped with the graphics layout for the Robotech and he's graciously offered to help polish the stuf for Mecha Front as well. He's currently touching up the early stat card borders I'd put together so that they look a bit more prfessional.

Both the artwork and graphics are shaping up to look pretty sharp and I'm quite pelased with how things are going. My only regret is that there's not 40hours in a day, while I'm making plenty of measurable progress it always seems like there's so much more to do.

I'm well on schedual to having a game ready to demo at Adepticon. I should have things ready to roll this week unlike last years where I was down to the wire until the nigt before the convention. I learned a lot of stuff from the last minute rush last year and while it went smoothly I always like improving and refining on my previous works.

In other dealings I also picked up several great models this week which will all be getting their own highlight posts (when I have time to tackle them). A local store is launching a Mordheim league which prompted me to drag out my old models and pick up some new ones as I absolutely love that game. I combed through my bits box to find all my long ignored fantasy pieces and ordered stuff that I can use for some new warbands.

Tau also had their release this week, but there were some sort of production issues so they are in very short supply. Being a fan of all things mecha related I have a couple of the new models on order but they likely won't be in for a couple weeks which means I am a sad panda with an empty wallet with not much to show for it at the moment.

Season 2 for Zombicide also closed which was the major knock out blow to my wallet. I love the game and supported the new kickstarter, but having dropped $300 on models I won't see for 6-8 months it can be kinda harsh. The wait sucks but man when that box arrives I'll be crazy happy. I got tons of mileage out of the first release and once the second one arrives I'll have an insane number of survivors to use and lots of tiles for huge custom games.

The kickstarters have been kinda steep on price but I really like helping support a great start up company like Guillotine Games and they have an awesome product. This time of year is always expensive as there's a lot of convention to hit and a lot of great models released before summer. I always seem to be flat broke during the spring but such are the perils of the gaming life.

Anyways that's a brief update from my very busy desk and I'm hoping to have more Mecha Front info to share after Adepticon.