Friday, February 22, 2013

Mecha Front

I've been busy at work on a new game called Mecha Front. It's going to be a skirmish level game focused on what else but giant stompy robots pounding each other into oblivion. It'll be a N-Scale 15mm game which means the mecha will range between 50-70mm tall depending on the weight class.

Standard units will be mounted on 60mm bases and the super heavy quad mechs will use either a 90mm or 120mm base. The game will be focused on quick action and game play, average model count is 4-5 mecha per side. Typical game time will be 30-45 minutes.

The rules will be maintained as a living pdf document so players will always have free access to the latest updates and it will allow for me to address any game play issues without forcing players to buy new copies of the rules.

Here are some of the rough concepts, I will update with samples of the rules and 3d renders as I progress. So far things have been coming together beautifully and I'm very excited about this project.

Neo-Bloc Units

NorAm Units